Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sidney Crosby: "I never want to be in this photograph again"

No, he's not talking about the time Evgeni Malkin photographed him in his sleep on a long road trip in a compromising position with Marion Hossa. This is what Crosby said in a commercial at the beginning of this year's playoffs while refering to a photograph of his team after they lost in the Stanley cup final last year. Here's a video of the commercial:

Now its time for him to prove it. He can either win and avoid the photograph of shame, or lose, and suffer an ironic beatdown at the hands of the Detroit Redwings. If he loses, he will actually manage to be in the exact same photograph, in the very same year he said he NEVER wanted to be in that photograph again. And he would even get to lose to the same team he lost to in the first photograph. The only difference in the photo this year, if the penguins lose, will be the giant fucking grin on Hossa's face as he sneaks into the picture and teabags crosby from behind. Come to think of it, that would actually make it look a lot like the other picture that Crosby never wanted to be in again. Isn't that like double irony or something?


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