Friday, July 3, 2009

My Picks for Team Canada Part II

Ew I can't believe Dan Clearly was mentioned on this team. Grosssssssssss and Mark Staal and Stephan Robhidas ... we must have better D than that?

Broduer, Luongo, Turco

I went off the board and choosing Turco instead of Steve Mason (the unproven goalie), Marc- Andre Fleury (the freakishly inconsistent) and Cam Ward (the extremely overrated)

Pronger - Scotty Neids
Shea Weber - Mike Green
Jay Bow - Dion Phaneuf/Regher

Pronger and Scotty have played together so they already have some chemistry. I'm sticking Shea with Mike green because he'll make sure Mike green doesn't eff up too badly when he forgets he's a defensemen. Jay Bow and Phaneuf/Regher is logical because they will be playing together and Jay Bow will make sure phaneuf doesn't eff up when he goes for the monster TSN highlight hits.

On the PP: Pronger/Phaneuf who just keep blasting slappers from the point, that'd freak the shit outta me. Then Scotty Neids and Mike Green so it's like 5 forwards on the ice on a PP.

Sakic - Crosby - Iginla
Nash - Getzlaf - Heatley
Gagne - Lecavlier - Carter
Doan - Richards - Lucic

1st line:
The 1st line reminds me when Mario,iggy, and sakic played on the same line. Now it's like a poor man's Mario, but and older sakic and a mature iginla which balances it out. It'll be sweet but Crosby can never pull the 2002 gold medal game move. Hark know's what i'm talking about

2nd line:
Can't break up the 2nd line because those three absolutely destroy everything when they are together

3rd line:
Just be most talented players left avaliable

4th line:
This is the ultimate grinding line. You wouldn't wanna eff with any of those three. Hark's right, Lucic will scare the shit outta all the Swedes, Fins, and Russians.

Canada for Gold

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