Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Chuck (the God) Kobasew

the bruins hurricanes series is shaping up to be really good. i think it goes to show how playoff experience is helpful. both anaheim and carolina are doing well in the playoffs this year even though they were both part of the lower half of the standings in their division. it speaks to the leadership and playoff experience on their team.

Speaking of playoff experience, there are few players with more playoff experience on the bruins than chuck kobasew and Mark Recchi. recchi from his 23 years of NHL experience, and Kobasew from his big cup run with the flames back in 2004. In last nights game, chuck kobasews heart and Mark Rechis knee teamed up for a goal:

what a snipe by kobasew to find Mark Recchi's knee in the middle of traffick. Finally finding a use for Mark Recchi on the ice. Poor Recchi, it was only his first goal of the playoffs. He only played 18 games with the bruins this year and amazingly ammased 10 goals. he was really hoping to continue his good play in the playoffs. but he hasn't done anything yet. his team is still playing good, but they are going to need a lot of players to step up now if they are going to comeback against carolina. the bruins need to win the next game in order to have home ice advantage back.



  1. So awesome, did you see his beard? It's crazy huge

  2. i know. i tried to get a picture of the thing but you can't. i wouldnt of thought he would have a reddish beard