Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Story of the Game/Story of the Series

The canucks have been able to come out strong early in the game. we have gone up 3-0, 2-0, 3-0 in the first 3 games respectively. blackhawks don't look as strong as us early in the game. they can't skate with us. and when they start playing physical and trying to scare us we have been able to exploit it. if you look at the mason raymond goal, the first one of the game, two blackhaks were laying a hit on kesler beside the net, which left mason raymond wide open streaking in from the point to pop it home. chicago has some sloppy coverage when they try and play physical.

but the amazing thing about chicago is they are always able to break our defensive system. so many teams get turned aside and have to wait for a powerplay in order to get a chance on us. but chicago gets the puck deep and generates chances, even when they're losing 3-0. you've got to give them credit, and they're probably only going to get better as this series goes along.

if the blackhawks do win the stanley cup, they would have to give the conn smythe to bifugly. this guys is definitely their best player. did you see the tsn segment about him where they said he used to be 290 pounds before he lost weight? this guy is a tough goon, of the todd bertuzzi elite power forward school. bifugly is getting time on the top line. he drives to the net and screens luongo, and size wise there is no better player in the league to have as your screen. bifugly even scored a goal on luongo in that 6-3 blowout win. apparently he is getting to luongos head. it definitely looked like lou was frustrated in the loss on saturday. lou was trash talking bifugly in his post game interview, check it out:


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