Monday, May 4, 2009

Simeon Varlachoke

Simeon Varlamov is such a young goalie, and young goalies often have a tendancy to choke. Jose theodore, dan cloutier, carey price, dan blackburn, and even the young marc andre fleury all choked at some point in their career. Varlamov is bound to choke, its just a matter of which round of the playoffs? He's a ticking time bomb of choke, and the pittsburgh penguins are hoping that the trigger gets pressed in the second round instead of the third or fourth.

His stats are fairly impressive. in both his ahl play and his nhl play he has been above a .900 save percentage.

But you gotta have faith that the 20 year old goalie is gonna choke. and if you don't believe that, you at least have to see that malkin and crosby are lightyears better than semin and ovi. and gonchar has been a better player this playoffs than greene. washingtons fucking captain is chris clarke. the same chris clarke that scored 10 goals a season consistently with the calgary flames until 04. the same chris clarke that played 18 games last season and 32 games this season due to his recurring injuries. why the fuck is this crash test dummy the captain of your team? Because it goes to show the lack of leadership in the washington capitals organization. i really think the pens are going to win this one, my hockey pool is counting on it.


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