Thursday, May 7, 2009

Game 4

This could be the most crucial game of the series for the canucks. if you win tonights game, you can pretty much put the blackhawks away, by only having to win 1 of the next 3 games. luongo can win at least 1 in every 3 games. but if we lose tonights game, then the blackhawks are right back in the series.

Keys to the game for chicago: score first. or dont score first and come back again like usual

keys to the game for van: score first. luongo plays well. sundin tries to keep up with kesler and raymond. the sedins and sundin backcheck. don't take stupid penalties. and o'brien has to not fuck up. i think we can do all these things.

injury update: sami salo did not skate today, and the canucks are saying that he won't play. however, yesterday he did skate with the team. i think the canucks might be trying to fake out the blackwhores. salo will play tonight, and the blackhawks will be crushed during warmup when they realize that the best canucks defenseman is back in the lineup. salo has not played too great for the canucks, but he has played surprising good against the blackwhores.he has 4 goals in his last 7 periods against the blackhawks.

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