Friday, May 8, 2009

Game 4 Recap

So the Canucks had a lead with three minutes left in the game, and they blew it again and lost the game to the blackwhores. the havlat line got both the game tying goal and the ot winner. it was the first time havlat has shown up to the series.

the canucks looked bad. they couldn't genereate enough offense. they only mustered something like 15 shots on goal while chicago had over 30. the sedins were virtually non-existent, getting shut down in the offensive zone. the only line on the canucks that scored was the 4th line, when rick rypien took a move out of the todd bertuzzi school of spinoramas, and made an excellent pass to hordichuk for the 1-0 goal in the first period.

the b'whores tied it up late in the game. mitchell made a bad play to get the puck out of the zone, it hit two canucks forwards that were out of position on the boards. ladd outfought both of them for the puck, and then fed havlat who was not being covered by mitchell. i think the nickname 'the mule' should be given to ladd. he was credited for the ot winner as well.

all in all, our best defenseman mitchell was having an offnight and was -2. mitchell really screwed up on the ot winner:

bright side: we go back home to vancouver where we will be better at generating offense with the support of the home crowd. salo could be back next game as well which will help a little. there is no way our top three lines could play worse next game than they did last night.

down side: bieksa seems to have a knee injury, but he should be able to play through it.

fuck canucks. u guys can never make anything easy on yourself. two minutes left in the game and it seems like the series is on lockdown. now its looking like a fo-sho 7 gamer.

i think canucks fans need a laugh. heres some lost tpb footage of jroc


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