Friday, May 8, 2009

The Ovechkin Hit

Look at fucking Gonchar fly in the air. he pretty much does an airborne 360 with his extended knee. it doesn't look like ovechkin is skating too fast, but just the force and impact of the guy sent shockwaves through gonchards body. its a good thing zednik wasn't hanging out nearby.

it sucks for everyone in the pool that has gonchar... which is a lot of people. i hope they suspend ovi, because it would be good for me in the pool because ive got savard instead.

gonchar is probably out for a while, unless hes got a charlie horse in which case he'll be fine (i think... i dont know anything about charlie horses). but its more likely that hes injured. this should help the capitals because because gonchar has been the pens best defenseman by far, and the pittsburgh defense is extremely weak without gonchar. they really only started playing good this season once gonchar got back from his injury. they really sucked without him.

at the same time varlachoke is actin up. some of the goals he let in today were pretty weak. he really should have had the fifth one. im amazed that varlamov has been playing so well so far. but hes bound to choke.

if the varlamov wall has been broken, and gonchar is truly injured, then which ever team emerges out of the first round between pittsburgh and washington will emerge at a worse skill level than when they entered. wouldn't it be crazy if carolina emerges out of the east? i really think the west has the stanley cup on lockdown this season, unless its pittsburgh who might be able to do it just because they were so close last time.


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