Sunday, May 17, 2009

Third Round Picks

Its time to make our picks again guys. We're getting on this a little late so if anyone doesn't get their picks in before the first game we'll just pretend we're all honest, trustworthy people and they didn't let the first game alter their predictions. I (Hosh) was 3/4 last round, Hark and Maggie were 2/4, and Hal was a laughable 1/4. Here's our predictions for the winners of round 3, which is a matchup between Pitsburg and Carolina and between Detroit and Chicago.

Hosh: Pitsburg and Chicago

Hal: Pittsburgh and Detroit

Maggie the Prophet Macaque: Carolina and Chicago

hark: carolina and chicago


Hosh: In the west I think it should be a very long, hard series, and in the end I think Chicago will win only because they want it more. The Wings won last year and they have proven they can remain a powerhouse year after year, and I think that will have to be good enough for them. In the east I expect Pitsburg to be the clear winner. Don't get me wrong the series could well go to 6 games due to Carolina's determination, but they are outmatched by the superstars on Pitsburg, and by the end of the series, I think that will be obvious to everyone.

Hal: Our apologies to our faithful readers for the lack of updates other than Hark. IT is the offseason for Battle of Western Canada come spring time and will only be sprinkled with new posts up until Free Agent Frenzy. I'm picking Detroit to get to the finals this year. Osgood has shown that he can be solid in net and the Wings have been dominating even with Datsyuk and Hossa contributing nothing. If they can step it up this series then the Hawks are done, because we all know that Franzen is a playoff beast. However, they are toast if the two Detroit superstars do nothing. Havlat and Kane are fuckheads too by the way. In the East I'm going with Pittsburgh. I think it will be a much harder series than Hosh thinks simply because Cam Ward has been playing out of his mind. Let's hope Crosby continues to roll on sixth gear and gets 20 points in the series.

hark: pittsburgh sucks! they played a shitty philadelphia flyers team in the first round and biron couldnt even stop a beach ball. then in the second round they went to game 7 against a washington capitals team that could barely beat the ny rangers. pittsburgh was out of playoff contention with 20 games left in the season. they pulled a dallas stars circa sean avery, and hoped that firing their coach would make them a better team. it did make them a better team but eventually that stuff catches up to you. detroit and chicago will be a much closer series. i give it to chicago just because i fucking love bi-fugly.

Maggie: Fuck I can't wait to retire...

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