Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lessons of Glen Sather: How to defy Mathematics

This is a very important post for canucks fans everywhere. with recent news that the neidermyer brothers are thinking of joining the canucks so they can be in the city for the 2010 olympics, we must understand the capology of the situation. my question that i will be asking is, will it be possible for the canucks to sign, the sedins, gaborik and the neidermyer brothers this off season?

currently the cap space is at 56 million. i know its the economic crisis, but i have a feeling the cap will increase again this year. lets assume that it goes up to 58 million. the canucks have 34 million allocated for next season on 15 players. usually you want around 23 players that means the canucks have 22 million to sign 8 players. the sedins, neidermyers and gaborik are 5 players. that leaves 3 other players on top of these to fill the void and lets assume we spend 2 million altogether on these 3 players. that leaves us with 20 million dollars to sign the big 5. is it possible?

slob neidermyer is currently making 2 million, but hes going to have to take a paycut if hes going to play in van. plus the only reason we want him is for his brother so he should understand that its only fair.

scott is currently making 6.75, so i think if he is signing a 1 year contract it would be good for him to take 7 million. we cant expect to pay him any less given the fact that we were willing to pay mats sundin 8.6 million for this season.

gaborik currently makes 6.3. i think he will fetch up to 8 million on the open market.

and the sedins will likely be available for 6 million each. the loss to chicago brings down their value because they have proven to be inconsistent playoff players throughout their history.

if we add that all up: 1+7+8+6+6=28

so unfortunately it does not look like i will be able to have my cake and eat it too. the canucks will likely have to skip out on gaborik, if they are going to land the brothers of sedin and neid's.

however, we could be like the flyers and bank on injuries in order to do well. everyone should know that gaborik and demitra will play 82 games, as a couple, 41 games each. they will likely both fake injuries to go on a gay cruise together at some point in the season. their injuruies (assuming they both only play half a season) would free up 6 million in cap space. all you would have to do is trade sami salo (3.5) for some draft picks and this situation will be doable. that would even leave 2 million dollars to spend on getting someone at the trade deadline.

the lineup for next year will be like this:

hordichuk-johnson-slob neids

mitchell-scott neids



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