Wednesday, May 13, 2009

my ideal canucks lineup for 09

sedin sedin-burrows


this would be a decent team. hodgson would have the rookie opportunity to impress everyone on the minnesota wilds old line. the sedins wont cost as much as one would think because they played pretty bad in the second round. at a discounted price the canucks could get them for 5.5-6 each. we were already paying them 7 as a pair, so they would pick up half of mats sundins freed up salary. then with the departure of ohlund, pyatt, and wellwood we have the money to sign gabby for 8 million. between gaborik and demitra they will play a full season due to injuries, which will free us up some cap space to trade for a high quality forward at the end of the season

overall, i like where the canucks were heading this season. we got pretty lucky to make the playoffs this year because it was a rebuilding season after losing morrison, naslund and linden (the old core of the team). we didnt gain a lot of skill in return for these players, so the team that was put together had to learn how to play good together... as a team.

we at least proved that we can win a playoff series. the curse of the san jose sharks is not something that effects the canucks.

next season, if luongo can stay healthy for the entire year, the canucks can try and compete for the presidents trophy.


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