Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Who's Winning the Picks?

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Hosh: 6/8
Hal: 5/8
Hark: 4/8
Maggie: 2/8
James Mirtle: 7/8

Alright guys, fill in your picks for the next round. james mirtle won the last round getting 7/8. I at least beat the monkey getting 4/8... Mr Edwards would be proud of me.

Marc's Picks: Boston, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Vancouver

Hosh's Picks: Boston, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago

Hal's Picks: Boston, Bittsburgh, Anaheim, Vancouver

Maggie's Picks: Carolina, Washington, Detroit, Vancouver

Marc's Explanation: Last year i waited until the stanley cup finals to cheer for sidney crosby. this years playoffs, i am going to start cheering for them this round. plus washington sucks and could barely beat a team full of pre-madonnas in new york. boston is the best team in the east so i have to choose them. detroit and anahaim was the hardest choice for me. anaheim played amazing last round, and could be the best team in the playoffs so far. and osgood could very likely choke. but so could jonas hiller so im gonna go with detroit. and vancouver chicago. obviously i choose van because vancouver shitkicked both calgary and chicago down the stretch, so we should have no problem beating chicago in 7.

Hosh's Explanation: Boston was an easy pick. The other series should be a lot closer though. Anaheim put up a good show against San Jose, but I think its time we all accept that San Jose is just plain bad in the playoffs. I expect Lidstrom will be able to shut Getslaf down for the most part. The other 2 series I completely expect to go to 7 games each. I think in the end Crosby will prove to be the better leader than Ovechkin in a head to head matchup in the post season, as he was often the better player when their two teams faced each other in regular season play. As for Chicago and Vancouver, Chicago managed to stay really healthy despite a very tough physical series with Calgary, and they have the whole "vigor of youth and making the playoffs for the first time in a while magic". Also, they have proven that the intensity of playoff hockey is nothing that they will be intimidated by. Unless Luongo steals the series, Chicago will win.

Hal's Explanation: Let's be fair, NEw Jersey rightfully should have won that series. Carolina wins it with a 0.2s left goal and then in game seven scores two in the last two minutes to win the series. Boston should steam roll them. Crosby vs Ovechkin is tough and I do think Washington has the advantage but I can't go against my boi. Anaheim showed that they can play in the big leagues as long as hiller keeps it up. I'm pretty much choosing the Ducks cause I Dont want the Wings to repeat, that's lame. Vancouver will beat Chicago because of Luongo and Burrows hair pulling

Maggie's Comments: Talking humans? Impossible!

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