Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hal and I will be posting our first round playoff picks here and hopefully Harc will too. We will also include Maggie the Prophet monkey's picks when she makes them because, lets face it, whatever she picks will be right. In the event that Maggie decides to get a few wrong on purpose however, in addition to competing with each other, we will be competing against Maggie to see if any of us can beat her.

Here are the playoff Match Ups:
Boston vs. Montreal
Washington vs. New York
New Jersey vs. Carolina
Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia

San Jose vs. Anaheim
Detroit vs. Columbus
Vancouver vs. St. Louis
Chicago vs. Calgary

Here are are picks for the first round of the series
Boston, Washington, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, San Jose, Detroit, Vancouver, Chicago.

Boston, Washington, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, San Jose, Detroit, Vancouver, Calgary

Harc: Montreal, New York, Carolina, Philadelphia, Anaheim, Detroit, Vancouver, Calgary

Maggie: Boston, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, San Jose, Columbus, Vancouver, Calgary

James Mirtle: Boston, WAshington, Carolina, Pittsburgh, San Jose, Detroit, Vancouver, Chicago

Hosh: Holy shit what a genius I just picked every single favoured team. Well, trust me, it was really hard to pick Vancouver seeing as how I hate them, but I expect them to just squeek past first round. And I don't like how Detroit ended the season, but I can't see them leaving in the first round. Finally, I really want to pick Calgary to beat Chicago, but based on the information available, the smart pick is Chicago. The one thing that works in Calgary's favour is that they are definitely sick of always losing in the first round so they will be extra motivated to win this first series. Prove me wrong Calgary.

Hal: Well not much difference between me and Hosh ... the favorites are quite lopsided. I do think Pittsburgh and Philly will go to 6 or 7 games, it's going to be a fun series to watch. I also see St. Louis and COlumbus being walked upon since they haven't been in the playoffs for ages. I'd feel more confident about Washington if Jose didn't suck so much, but they are too talented and the Rangers only have Lundqivst. I also hate picking Vancouver since I hate their guts, but there is no way they will lose to St.Louis. Finally, I know Calgary might lose to Chicago since they are 0-4 against them and have been playing dreadful, but I can't choose against mai team.

Harc:Montreal is in its 100th season and they have upset boston when they were first rank twice already in the past decade. New York rangers have the heart of Sean Avery to get them into the second round, before he does something stupid and the team goes into cardiac arrest. Carolina had won 10 games in a row before blowing the last 2 of the season, while NJ has been really sucking ever since brodeur set his wins record. Philadelphia (no comment). Anaheim has been the hottest team in the West down the stretch. Detroit won't lost to columbus. Vancouver will win with ease as long as paul kariya and eric brewer stay on the IR. Calgary has more grit, more experience and more heart than chicago. chicago is a pretty physical team so bertuzzi, jarome and phaneuf are going to have to man up and equal them on this front.

Maggie: Spin! Spin! Spin!

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