Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Curse of Olli Jokinen

Poor Olli, finally gets to play on a team destined for the playoffs. He even played pretty good at times. I wouldn't call him a bust, but I wish we didn't get rid of Lombardi. It's not even Jokinen's fault, but he is cursed.

He's like the 'scorched earth policy' and leaves every team he is on in ruins.
98-99 Kings, 2000 on the Islanders, 2000-2008 Panthers, 2008/09 on Flames and Phoenix. None of those teams other than the Flames have made the playoffs in recent memory since Jokinen joined their team.

When he came to Calgary it looked like we were set. It would literally be almost impossible to drop out of a playoff spot since we were about 11 points ahead of Vancouver for the NW division lead. So, the curse did what was supernaturally possible and fuck us up until we dropped to fifth and how to play our kryptonite, the Chicago Blackhawks.

So all in all, this should be the number one reason why we had another early first round exit. The Curse of Olli Jokinen. Let's hope we can even make the playoffs next year ...


  1. it probably would be good if the flames could trade jokinen

  2. Yeah maybe some draft picks and some prospects eh?

  3. the jokinen trade is so stupid. earlier in the year he gets traded to phoenix for boynton, ballard and a second. then at the deadline he gets traded for morris, prust and a first. it goes to show the increased price to rent a player for the playoffs.

    flames should go into firesale mode. trade iginla for a bunch of prospects. then wait until the trade deadline this year and if they are out of the playoffs trade jokinen, bourque conroy. resign cammaleri to a one year and trade him at the deadline as well. you guys would be loaded with first round draft picks and prospects galore.

  4. you just want us to miss playoffs for a few years