Monday, April 27, 2009

How the Flames pulled an 2008 Ottawa Senators

This year pissed me off. We had the NW Division in the bag and were destined to get passed the first fucking round.
A late season collapse and 6 games later, we're golfing again. Who's the blame?

5. Me - Hosh is right. I am a fucking curse. I would like to apologize to all of Calgary that I was too selfish and insisted on watching the games when I knew I shouldn't. I did not take one for the city.

4. The Team - Man, the best player in that series was probably Eric Nystrom and Olli Jokinen. Langkow was absolutely invisible. Cammy had like what, one point? Iggy was just plain streaky. I don't think Keenan should have continuously played Kippersoft that long throughout the year, but not like Curtis could fill the void. I dunno I'm too depressed to go on.

3. The Blackwhores - I fucking said all year we can do it unless we play the motherfucking BLackhawks. FUCK

2. The Canucks - Fuck Sundin, FUck the Sedins, fuck luongo fuck burrows that hair pulling bitch fuck kesler that american cunt. motherfuckers should have just been fifth seed and you could have killed chicago like you will this round. FUCK

1. Kippersoft - I haven't dissed him in a while because I wanted to be supportive. But he is bad. An above average goaltender playing Martin Brodeur minutes and not giving our team a chance to win. We would have lost these last two games because our team sucked, but Kipper has been an inconsistent mess all year. Let's look at the starting goaltender list in the NHL Playoffs. Hurry for a 3.0 GAA! Out of all the goalies

Nabokov, Osgood, Luongo, Khanbfaglun, Kippersoft, Chris Mason, Steve Mason, Hiller, Thomas, some Washington guy, Brodeur, Fleury, Biron, Price, Ward, Lundquivst

Kippersoft was probably only better than Biron, and Steve Mason, and Nabokov. I've been saying it for years but this guy is the definition of an overrated sack of shit


  1. i think iginla is to blame. what the flames should do is trade iginla. firing keenan will do nothing, the problems with the players. you cant trade kipper because even if he sucks, goalies are hard to replace and the flames arent going to find a luongo type goalie.

    if u trade iggy you guys could get so much young talent that you will be a powerhouse in 4 years. iginla to toronto for schenn, this years first round draft pick, grabovski and tlutsy.

  2. ya cause we learned nothing when edmonton traded ryan smyth

  3. ryan smyth was a good trade for the oilers. smyth isnt worth the 6 million dollars hes getting paid in colorado. oilers mine as well have traded him to get some prospects considering they knew he was going to leave.

    but if you trade iginla, you would get way more for him because hes on a three year contract. you could expect roster players back that could help you immediately. while the other team recieves proven leadership that can guarantee their team to be competitive in the playoffs.

    proposal: trade jarome iginla to san jose for joe thorton and christian erhoff

  4. ya the last thing we want is that slacker thorton

  5. thortons better than that slacker iginla. thorton has the most points out of any nhl player since the lockout. plus, hes played with todd bertuzzi before at the olympics. reunite the famed olympic line that gretzky put out on the ice for the final minute of the game we lost to russia in the quarter finals.

  6. thorton was far and away our worst forward at the olympics

  7. I will bludger my head into the wall if Joe Thornton makes it onto 2010. Our centers: Crosby Getzlaf Lecalveir and Richards. HANDS DOWN.
    I'd trade Kiprusoft for Thornton though