Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Tradition

Joffery Lupul. Fernando Pisani. Dustin Penner. Eric Cole.

That's a long list of crappy forwards that played for the Edmonton Oilers. All were supposed to contribute offensively, and all of them really sucked. It's the BOWC Curse of the Oil.

Soon to be joining them is internet phenom Linus Omark. This kid had a nice shootout goal the other day that has been a youtube sensation. He was drafted in the 4th round by the Oilers and there has been talks that the Oil want to sign him before the KHL does.


Sure, the kid obviously has hands. Maybe he is actually really good in the Swedish League, but we wouldn't know here at the BOWC cause we follow NHL players, not shitty European league players.

But this guy had a good goal a while back too remember? Marek Malik


So don't do anything stupider than usually Edmonton



  1. Hey, I happen to follow a certain shitty player in a European league named Marcus Nilson and Im damn proud of it. Go Locomitv!

  2. linus's goal was weak. he could never pull that off in the nhl because no goalie would ever fall for that. forget the edmonton oilers, go back to charlie brown you sissy european

  3. but what a celebration after malik's goal. i love the way he puts his arms up in the air. raising the roof!!!