Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nux/Flames Game Tonight and Your Sean Avery Tri-weekly update

This is the most important game of the season for the canucks tonight. they have to win!!

on offense the advantage definitely goes to the flames. canucks got limited to 1 goal the other night against peter budaj and a bunch of callups from the AHL. iginla and cammalari must come through for the flames. bertuzzi tried the spin-o-rama last time these two teams played. Will he try it again?

The flames looked good last night against LA. they completely dominated them. But the flames are an injury riddled team right now. with regher and sarich both out of the lineup, this means pardy and van dermeer will be playing on the second line. that is a fairly weak second line and canucks should be able to put up a lot of shots on kipper tonight.

the battle between kipper and luongo should be good. both goalies have been playing bad lately. but last time these two teams played, kipper had one of the best performances of his career, dishing out some of the best third period saves i have ever seen. in the vid below, look at how wellwood has a gaping wide open net to shoot at, and kipper somehow stops him. the only other time in my life where i've seen someone fail to complete in front of such a wide open gaping hole, was the time i got really drunk and past out at graham's sisters birthday party.

Heres another video of a sick move that bertuzzi tried on luongo in the 2006 olympics training camp. its amazing that bertuzzi is not afraid to try his dangles out on the best goalies in the league. many superstars would save their fancy moves for andrew raycroft and nittimaki. not bert.

Avery gets a 2 minute minor for this one. look at how angry tim thomas got. talk about getting under the oppositions skin. good job avery. its too bad NY still got shutout in this game. only watch the first 10 seconds of the vid, it gets repetitive after that:


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  1. Bertuzzi missed a breakaway the other day against Dallas I think. It must be the 1% of breakaways that he messes up on. He beat the goalie, just not the crossbar.