Saturday, April 18, 2009

Canucks Update Dossier

Going up 2 to nothing in the series is a really big slap in the face to the blues. Andy Murray really thought his under-dog blues were going to come out with a win after they had the best record of any team in the nhl down the stretch. But now the canucks need to win 2 out of their next 5 games in order to advanc which should be an easy feat.

Andy Murrays outburst at the end of the game, is because he was being overprotective of his young line. He questions why vigneault would send out the rypien, bieksa line. that is really quite flattering to me as a canucks fan. that the rypien line is actually feared by some opponents. rypien was definitely the most involved person at the scrum at the end of the game, and he wanted someone to fight him.

rypien is a pretty tough opponent, but he is only 5'11 and 170 pounds. if there are players on your team that are afraid of rick rypien, they dont deserve to be playing in the nhl. look at bertuzzi just manhandle rypien. rypien justs closes his eyes and prays to god that everything will be ok.

i have been fairly dissapointed with the level of physicality of this series so far. the playoffs so far have seemed to lack fights. hopefully the refs back off a bit and lets a few more things go.


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