Friday, April 17, 2009

Flames Situation

Well, that was a shitty way to start the postseason. Lost a huge game where we should have and could have won. This was the away game that, if we won, puts more pressure on the Hawks in Game 2, and we should have taken advantage of the fact that they had the jitters for a long time. Then Kippersoft let in a weak goal, momentum swing and then they started playing well. However, that's not the reason we lost. After Cammy's goal that put us up 2-1, we stopped pushing and went into the 'laid back, lets just kill the clock for 8minutes and pray they don't score' mode, which the Flames seem to do a lot. Fucking bitch -glassavalt scored the tieing goal, and you knew it was over from there.

I thought in general though, all the Flames played well, except for Iginla who was invisible for the whole night, and the only shot he took got deflected into the upper netting. Same with Jokinen, our two biggest stars played like shit.

On the bright side, Rene Bourque played amazing and Bertuzzi stopped floating around and was actually skating hard, hitting people, and had a number of chances.

Soooo all in all, we have to win on Saturday. You can pretty much write the series over if we lose cause I'm not sure if we will be able to take both games at home if we can't score on the powerplay. Saturday is a must win game.

fuck toews that overrated piece of shit, fuck havlat that butt pirate scumbag and fuck kane that cockyass american asshole. fucking win flames

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