Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Canucks vs. Blues Game 4 Preview

The Canucks have looked dominant so far this series. But the game 4 sweep game can be a difficult win to achieve. The canucks must assume that the blues are going to play better this game, therefore canucks will have to play better themselves. this means kesler has to find a way to finish for crying out loud. luongo has to keep playing well. and the canucks pk must continue to dominate. the blues have been completely shut-down 5 on 3 by willie mitchell and the canucks.

Mats Sundin will likely miss this next game to injury. It looks like a groin injury, tsn is speculating on when he got the injury. The canucks are not better or worse with the guy. He adds absolutely nothing to the canucks. Jannick Hansen is filling in nicely and will be able to replace everything that mats sundin was providing, except in the faceoff department.

If the canucks win this series in 4, they will likely have a long break before the next series. sometimes that break is useful because it gives you a chance to rest and get healthy if you have injured players. other times too much free time makes you lose focus and teams come back playing wrestless. One Weeks rest would give mats sundin a chance to get healthy, and be ready for round 2. but right now, keeping the sedins and luongo on their hot streak is the most important prority for the canucks.



  1. The perfect number of games to win a first round series in is 5 in my oppinion. Then vancouver could win on home ice too. But I hate Vancouver so they should use everything they have to win in 4.

  2. PK is back, Van is going down