Monday, April 13, 2009

Bryan Murray's Plan for the Offseason

It has been leaked to the BOWC, that Bryan Murray (GM of the Senators) is trying to ensemble his team into one big giant celebrity couple so that they will receive more media attention than rival Toronto.

So far they have the lovely Carrie Underwood seen here dating Mike Fisher:
They also have Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie:

Wow she's way more of a babe than I remember.

Last of the most famous power couples is Dion Phaneuf and Cuthbert. Although the petition is rolling for them to break up, as of this writing they are still together.

Possible Trades: Dany Heatley for Phaneuf straight up. I was going to say Spezza because he is more 1 Dimensional, but he used to be a male model so has a higher chance of getting a celebrity babe (the BOWC does it's homework) Rumor has it that these deals will go down during the NHL draft. Flames get a proven RW to play on the 2nd line and a deadly addition to their powerplay. Ottawa gets a superstar D man with this attached :

Last but not least, rumors have leaked that Bryan Murray is willing to spend upwards of 11 million a season for five season to get Marion Gaborik in the offseason. He will then trade Shaun Donovan and Chris Campoli for Pavol Demitra to reunite the most famous couple that the NHL has ever known.


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