Monday, April 13, 2009

Some interesting call-ups

The recent run of injuries for the Flames caused them all kinds of havok at the end of the season. The salary cap only made things worse, as the Flames were forced to play only 15 skaters at times to stay under the cap. Now that the playoffs are here though, the Flames can finally stop worrying about the cap. They can bring up as many players as they need. The thing is, a lot of the guys the Flames have been bringing up to replace injured players just aren't ready for the playoffs. With all these injuries, the Flames have really been hitting the bottom of the barrel in their farm team in Quad Cities in terms of quality players. So the Flames have been looking to new places for quality players to fill in during the playoffs. Without further delay, the Battle of Western Canada is proud to be the first website to announce the newest members of the Calgary Flames:

Should anything happen to Kipper, the Flames now have a backup goalie they can truly depend on to be there when they need it. Shooter tutor is a well-known goalie around the league. He is also one of the hardest working goalies in the league, showing up for every practice (including several thousand minor hockey league practices a year), and always giving exactly 100 percent.

Next, the Flames have two new forwards, ready to play as soon as Thursday. The first is a cardboard cutout of Assistant Captain Jarome Iginla. This version of Jarome is a little more two-dimensional (get it?) than the current version, so the extra-defensive work will be a big boost. And really, what team out there wouldn't want a second Iggy?

The other new forward is an even greater surprise. The Flames really are determined to re-create the 2004 stanley cup team, because they have gone all the way to the KHL to bring back another of their old teammates. That's right, thanks to Marcus Nilson's exceptional play in the Gagarin Cup, the Flames have decided he deserves another crack at the Stanley Cup, and asked him to come back to the team. Cup finals here we come!

Note: If you think the whole point of this post was to suggest that the Flames' call-ups/ Marcus Nilson are no better than card board cut-outs, you are correct.


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  1. i think between robert nilson and the cut out i would take the cut out. its so crazy that flames were going to go over the salary cap in the regular season, but they are allowed to dress as many players as they want for the playoffs.