Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Black Knight would be proud

Last night the Flames added Craig Conroy, Daymond Langkow and Renee Borque to their list of injured players. Good on them for winning, it was a great game, but I really have to wonder how long they can keep this up. I hate to say it but if they do get past this first round I can't see them going much further. At some point they're probably just going to fall apart. Literally. I'll give them this though, they are definitely a determined bunch of guys to be tied in this series and fighting so hard considering the start they got off to and all these injuries.


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  1. yeah, way too many injuries for the flames. some are saying that the cross check to the face is what injured bourque. others are saying that he reinjured his ankle and is trying to pass off that injury for the cross check. either way, you guys really need regher back.