Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bench Avery!

I have been a big supporter of Avery in the past. I stood by him when everyone was criticizing him for his comments against phaneuf. i stood by him when dallas tried to blame avery for all the problems in their organization... evidently the stars choked again later in the season proving that the problems in their team were bigger than one person. i stood by him when he cheap shotted tim thomas... that was awesome. i stood by him when i chose him over evgeni malkin in my hockey playoff pool (biggest mistake of my life). But i can no longer stand by avery.

In last nights 2-1 win over the washington capitals, the new york rangers had to kill 2 penalties late in the third period. both were stupid penalties that avery took. my question is, why did avery even play again after he took the first stupid penalty? the first penalty could have destroyed them with 8 minutes left. if im tortarella, after avery gets out of the box i bench him for the rest of the game. but he doesn't! then with three minutes left avery does it again. fortunately lundqvist and the new york defense is playing amazing lately, and they are able to pick up avery's slack. but he nearly cost his team the chance to go up 3-1 in the series. if rangers had lost last night, everyone would be blaming sean avery. im blaming sean avery for the near loss, even though the rangers won.

In other news, wtf was todd bertuzzi thinking? his penalty early in the third period nearly allowed the blackwhores to go up 5-4. it was a good call by the refs, because bert just manhandled the poor little blackwhore on the way to the puck. i cant find the replay to it, but essentiallly bert was in a puck race with some else (mighta been Ladd). because bert is a big goon, instead of racing his opponent for the puck, he just forces him to the ice with his bare hands.

all in all, it was a good night for referees. my predictions for tonight, pittsburgh will finish off the series, anaheim will beat sj, columbus will squeak a win in against detroit. feel free to hold me accountable if you use my advice to bet on a team. hansob will refund you if pick correctly, he does the accounting for the website.


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