Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Sweeping St. Louis was a Bad Idea".... NOT!!!!!

Some are saying that sweeping St. Louis was a bad idea. they say that the 7-10 day break that the canucks get, will make them come out slow in the next series. this is a possibility, but people that say this are overlooking 3 big points:

1) the blues canucks series was physical, and if it were to continue canucks players could have gotten injured
2) sundin and salo have a chance to rest their injuries and be ready for the next series.
3) if chicago and st. louis keep on beating the shit out of each other and the series goes to 7, then they are going to be very beat up for the next round of the playoffs.

The canucks looked good coming out of this series. st. louis was unable to show up because luongo and the canucks d' shut them down. keith tkachuck did not get a goal all series. while the sedins and burrows combind for 12 points.

Now the canucks wait. if san jose wins their series against anaheim, then the canucks play the red wings. but if anaheim wins, then the canucks play the winner of the flames/blackwhores.

go ducks and flames!!!!


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  1. HUGE mistake. They're gonna come out like its pre-season once round two starts.