Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pre-Deadline Day haiku's


with his wage cheapened,
The Rangers pick up the stars,
Sloppiest Second.


Backstrom will be back,
at twenty four mil 4 years,
full lineup of queers


flames get nycholat,
canucks lose a denseman,
who is nycholat?

The most interesting news of the day is all the players that have been put on waivers. Satan, Brendan morrison and GR. Satan has had a decent season for himself, but a dismall season considering that his linemate has been sidney crosby. somebodoy will take him but i do not advise either calgary or vancouver to do so. however the other two names would be solid pickups for either team.

I have said for awhile that GR is the best player that the flames could get their hands on. i hope canucks get him because they do not have a lot of veteran leaders. plus roberts and sundin have played together before. even if roberts only plays two games in the playoffs, it would still be worth it. the reason that he has been placed on waivers is that he has a bonus in his contract stipulating that he gets 10,000 dollars for every game that he plays. this is too much for the lightning to afford at this point, considering that roberts is healthy for once in his life and the lightning stand no chance of making the playoffs.

While brendan morrison is an old canuck that we couldn't afford to sign last season, and is now available as a rental player for a good price. he has always played solid against the calgary flames (does the 2004 overtime shootout goal in game 6 ring a bell), and i recomend sutter to pick him up as long as the flames need another center. i hope the canucks don't get him though. we've got a new face to the team this season and i don't see any reason to bring back a player that used to be a core member of the team. this is not a time for the canucks to be nostalgiac. plus its not like the canucks need another center.


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