Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Marion Gaborik

I don't care if they guy is injured and he's not going to be available until the second round of the playoffs, this guy is hands down the best addition that can be made on offense this trade deadline. last season, even while only playing 48 games due to groin injury he still must mustered 30 goals. In 6 games this season he has 3 goals and 5 points. he was on pace for a 41 goal season and he hadn't even recooperated from injury yet. the point is, he's going to score .5 goals a game. And i think given his injury status it won't take too much to pry him away from mineesota (one good named prospect).

Vancouver could get him to reunite him with Demitra. I think he would be a great fit in Pittsburgh though. Last year Hossa fit in perfectly with Crosby and Malkin. Having that combo going again would be great.


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