Monday, March 2, 2009

Why Matthew Lombardi is so shitty

So people might be wondering... why is Matthew Lombardi so bad?? Well... after doing some homework I have discovered the secret as to why Matthew Lombardi is such a disgrace of an NHL player.

If you guys can go back in time to the 2004 NHL Playoffs, I think that hit by Darian Hatcher did the trick! If you pay close attention to how he plays by watching him on tv. You would notice that before the hit he actually had handles! It was like hell has frozen over when you see him handling the puck with relative confidence instead of his usual, "OH shit I have out skated myself and I now lost the puck" manner on the ice.

So if you don't believe me... take a look and you will agree with me. Alternative you can just assume he sucked all along. But for me, folks, I blame that big piece of shit that is Darian Hatcher.

That is all.


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