Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The next big hollywood romance

It has everything, chemistry between the lead characters, huge hits, tragedy, and an implausible Hollywood ending. But its all based on a true story! Here's the pitch:

On a team that seemed destined for failure for the 8th straight year, two young defensemen came together and found a connection so deep and powerful, it would help them push their team to the Stanely Cup final. But this magic was to be short lived, as not only did they lose in the final, but one of them was traded to Colorado not long after. Both players would go on to struggle, clearly mourning their loss for years afterward. They seemed doomed to despair until one day Darryl Sutter reunited them, in a trade that even Darryl was not expecting. Reunited, the two players would go on to play the greatest hockey of their lives, and win the Stanley Cup that they came so close to winning years ago.

Brings a fucking tear to your eye doesn't it? Any hollywood producers reading this blog can feel free to contact me about the movie. All we have to do is work out the royalties and you're good to go. Oh, and I want to accept the oscar.


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  1. As long as Mike Myers doesn't star in it.