Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Give Sutter the keys to the city

So now that the Flames have gone from Contenders to Favorites (in my mind), Sutter has proven that he cares about his fans.

Olli Jokinen for Matthew Lombardi, Brandon Prust, and a first rounder

Tis has been the number one center we've been crying for. Bye Matthew, it was fun while it lasted. Brandon Prust is entirely replaceable and the first rounder is worth it. The only thing is that although Jokinen is signed, he will probably be traded in July to make cap room because we can't absorb his 5 million salary next week.

The only two issues with Jokinen is
1) He's European and never played in a playoff game, can he step up?
2) Apparently he might be a cancer in the room but I call crap on that. Also Jarome is the greatest Captain in the league and will whip him into shape.

Jokinen has played under Keenan before and put up huge numbers. What a great addition
Now our current line up for the playoffs looks like this (when everyone is healthy)

Cammy - Jokinen - Iginla (Powerhouse first line)
Bourque - Langkow - Bertuzzi (Great second line)
Glencross - Conroy - Moss (Contribution depth)
Nystrom - Primeau - Boyd (Checking/Energy)

Regher - Leopold
Phanuef - Sarich
Aucoin - Giordano

Bertuzzi - Jokinen - Iginla
Phanuef - Cammy

Regher must also be pooping his pants with the chance of playing with his buddy Leopold. They have proven chemistry and were together during our run.

I also like how we didn't mortgage our future for these players either. Gave up a first rounder and a 2nd rounder for Leopold (but that was from Montreal) so we still have a second rounder.

Hand us the cup.



  1. Man our second line is a powerhouse too as far as second lines go. Really I don't think we have a single a line on forward or defense that isn't above average compared to the same line on other NHL teams. The Sharks, Wings and Bruins should just start thinking about next year. This is Calgary's year.

  2. your third and fourth line are just average. but your first and second line are well above average. bertuzzi and jokinen have played together before. bertuzzi once had a 5 point game in florida before his injury which saw him miss the rest of the season until he got traded to detroit.