Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The three way Haiku

This haiku is dedicated to the three way trade between the oilers, canes and kings... sorry to all oilers fans.

Oil, O'sullivan,
stands a chance of winning cup,
in irish soccer

the canes get cole back,
getting to leave edmonton,
best day of cole's life.

close call for williams,
close to being an oiler,
that would really suck.

New Trade

Kotalik in Ed,
oilers can win cup with luck,
maybe oil don't suck

The first three poems were traditional haikus. the last poem was written in ironic pentamiter.

last trade before i go to class. brian burke has just made a move that is supposed to make him look like less of a retard. he gave away some player i have never heard of (richard petiot) for oli Kolzig, 2 players i have never heard of and a 4th round draft pick. With all goalies healthy, the leafs are going to have a sick amount of netminders>>>>pogge, toskala, kolzig and joseph. burke actually looks like he won this trade, because i probably would have traded petiot for the fourth alone. TB must be trying to get rid of some cap space.


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  1. dude Andy Rogers went to Woodman and Wisewood... He's a year older than us.