Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Haiku Galore

Bryan Murray is,
Trying to please all the fans,
By bringing hot babes

Crosby and Guerin
Are they Guerin-teed to win?
Depends on Malkin

No moves for Gainey?
They must win the Stanley Cup
Or he will be killed

Waiver Players
Satan goes unclaimed
He can't even score with Cros,
That is pretty lame

Fourth-two and old,
Can barely skate or score, but
His heart is pure gold

Recchi plays with Chuck,
Players frown and say what luck,
What a huge honor

Lombo can sure skate
Why did Senators not take?
He could score hot date

Make way Wayne Gretzky
Scottie Upshall is coming
Soon you'll be golfing

Fly like an eagle,
Let my spirit carry me
Carcillo can't fly

Antoine with Rick Nash
Will he help them win the cup?
No he cannot pass

Kolzig is a Leaf
How many goalies are there?
Too bad they all suck

Shootout specialist
Not much of a catalyst
When is Pronger gone?


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