Thursday, March 5, 2009

The next big action movie

So the calls for my last movie idea "Back from Colorado: A tale of enduring love" have literally been pouring in. Everyone wants a piece of the action, but unfortunately you can only make the same movie so many times. Once initially and then again every five to ten years as a remake. So to satisfy all the movie directors out there clamoring for my movie ideas, I have now come up with a new movie. This one's an action movie, also based on a true story to come out of the trade deadline yesterday. I call it, "Olli Jokinen Fights Dragons with his Bare Hands - and saves the hot princess"Based on the true story of Olli Jokinen's life, from his initial struggles as a youth, to the day he was trained by Mike Keenan in Florida in the art of being a total badass. The plot then twists when Jokinen is separated from his old mentor, and finds himself again struggling. He begins to doubt himself, playing well below his abilities in Phoenix. But then one day that mystical being known as Darryl Sutter would save the day again and bring him back to his old mentor Keenan. Keenan would explain to Jokinen that he was a badass before he trained him; Keenan just taught him how to properly channel his badassness. And then Jokinen really starts to kicks ass. The rest of the movie after this point is just scenes of Jokinen fighting dragons and banging hot princesses until the Stanely Cup just magically appears next to him in bed out of a desperate need to be close to his awesomeness.

Now I know its kind of lame that both of my movie ideas rely on the "Darryl Sutter saves the day" plot device, but what can I do? Thats what actually happened. These movies are all solidly based on reality, and my integrity demands that I not change the sequence of events or exagerate any facts. Still, it sounds like a great movie right?

Again, Hollywood, just contact me about the rights to the movie and we'll work something out. I'm gonna say right now I call 50% of the t-shirt sales.


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  1. i want a tshirt from the scene where pam anderson takes her top off and oli jokinen's eyes pop out of his face. But his eyes are always popping out of his face.