Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Mathematical Relation Between Danielle Briere's Groin and the Salary Cap part 2

According to NHL, the philly flyers current cap hit is 67 million dollars. This is quite a significant number considering that the league salary cap is supposed to be 57 million. When Danielle Briere was healthy and ready to play again in late January, he was unable to because they couldn't fit him in under the cap. Briere has played three games so far in 2009, all in early march before he got injured again.

The Flyers cap has been helped by many injuries this season. They currently have 11.5 million in bonus cushion because of all their injuries. The two most notable are Mike Rathje and Darian Hatcher. Both defenseman are making 3.5 million each this season. They both have not played a single game this season as well. In fact, Rathje is in year 4 of a 5 year contract with the Flyers, and after playing one season with the flyers, he only played 18 games two season's ago. Due to chronic hip and back problems, the guy has never played since. Randy Jones's 2.75 million dollar contract was cut in half by his injury that had him out the first 3 months of the season. In the playoffs salary caps don't matter, and Holmgren can take all his players off injured reserve and through them onto the ice (this last fact is not verifiable and the BOWC will not be held liable for misinformation.)

What would Flyers GM Paul Holmgren have done if these players hadn't got injured? Would he have had to trade Briere to free up cap space? Nobody would take Briere because his contract is retartedly high. So he would have had to trade a player like carter, gagne or timonen? It all looks very convenient for Holmgren that these players got injured when they did, because there is no way the core of this team could have stayed in tact if all players were healthy. And no GM can bank on the fact that Danielle Briere's groin is going to give out at opportune moments of the season to help out the financial situation in Philly. But it did! Maybe Obama can use Briere's groin to solve the financial crisis going on right now as well.

Before the deadline the flyers placed Metroplit and Vananen on waivers because they had to free up cap space. Paul Holmgren, the general manager of the Philly Flyers is cleaning up the mess left from Bobby Clarke. Clarke is the one that signed Briere until 2014/2015. I think there is something very fishy going on in Philly. (insert joke about Graham's sister's vagina.)

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