Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Don't feel bad for Gary

The retirement of legendary GR has gotten the hockey world upset. Tampa Bay were pretty big douchebags to put him on waivers ... so now that he can't be picked up, he decided to call it quicks. Pretty sad way to go out for someone as respected as him.

But don't fret

By the numbers, Gary was making more money per icetime than many star players

His contract: $2 million / year with $10 000 for every game played
This season Gr played 30 games, that's an extra 300 000 bucks in da bank.
He averaged around 12 minutes a game. Doing the math he makes approximately

$6,400 / minute of ice time

Iginla: $7 million; GP 67; 20 minutes a game

Works out to $5223 / minute of ice time

GR is making over $1000 bucks a minute compared to Jarome Iginla!!!

However this is all childs play compared to Marion Gaborik
$7.5 million; GP 6; 20 minutes a game

Gaborik is making an astounishing $62, 500 / minute of ice time

Well PAID Minnesota, well paid.


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