Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why I like the Canucks and why they Won't Win the Cup! PLus Special Bonus Article: Hark's Top 5 Favorite Hockey Players

Last Saturday the Canucks beat the best team in the National Hockey League the SJ sharks. It marked the third time since the start of February that the Canucks had won 4 games in a row. In that period the canucks have been the hottest team in the national hockey league.

But last night they lost to the LA Kings. A team that they should have beat. Their star players did not look good. Luongo let in a weak goal from GAuthier in the first, Sundin could not Finish (or even swedish), and Third liner Taylor Pyatt looked like the best player in the game.

The moral of the story is, the canucks are not perfect. They go on streaks and win games and impress me, but then they lose to a team like LA which is far below them in the standings and they should very well be beating them. Even the best teams in the league like Detroit and San Jose lose games every once in a while. San Jose has even lost 4 in a row because of all the injuries they have suffered. Even good teams are allowed to have bad games and go on bad streaks. But good teams are the one's that know how to learn from their losses, and rise from the ashes to achieve greatness once again.

Hark's Top 5

1)Todd BErtuzzi-if you like big bruisers that have fancy moves, then Todd BErtzzi is the cream of the crop.
2)Mats Sundin-he hasn't proven clutch yet, but hopefully he will when the canucks need him to.
3) Jarome Iginla-so much heart, and he's always the best flames player when the team needs him to be.
4)Jay Bouwmeester-underated player. On the power play the guy looks deadly. He can hold pucks in the zone that should be going down the ice. but he's never been on a team that can finish properly.
5) Sean Avery-the guy is clutch. in the past two seasons he has been the rangers best playoff player. he scores timely goals and he only knows how to be himself... even after the NHL made him seek anger management treatment. I'd be angry too if elisha cuthbert dumped me for a better hockey blogger.

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