Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to make Lots of Money Quickly

Gambling on hockey is a lot of fun and its a good way to make money (although i have not won on a ticket yet. one day i thought i won, but i accidently marked the wrong box on the scantron and instead of betting on the pittsburgh pengions i bet on a college basketball game and my team lost). But today i think that today i will win (my ticket is pictured above). I put $2 down on 5 teams and if i get them all right i win 30 bucks.

I decided to play the point spread. you kind of choose which team will win, but the team you choose has to win by a certain margin. in this case all the games have a margin of 0.5 meaning that the team i choose only needs to win by one goal. if the margin was 1.5, the team i choose would have to win by 2 goals. if the game goes to a shootout, then the team that was not favoured to win by a margin of 0.5, ends up being the winning team.

The BOWC is a big supporter of gambling in all of its forms (online, lottery, vlt). There are certain people that should not gamble. Specifically, people that do not know very much about sports and people that are not very lucky. But everyone else should be gambling especially: single mothers, people with second mortgages on their homes, people laid off in the recent economic recession, broke college students and anyone with several people financially dependant on them. gambling is a good way for all of these people to make money, and move their way up in the world.

One problem that rookie gamblers will run into, is that if they have people in their lives that care for them, these people might be critical of their gambling habits. Top three responses to the statement: "you have a gambling problem"

1)"You have a mind your own business problem"
2)"I want a divorce"
3)"Can i borrow ten bucks?"



  1. One of t he best posts ever Hark. Can we bet on Playoffs? That would make things even more intense. We can wake up in the morning, walk to Canmore, make our bets and catch the games in the afternoon and at night, then collect our money. What a plan. Great post.

  2. Hark you're a damn genius you know that?

  3. Hey Hark, do you get money for getting every single game wrong? Haha

  4. Ya... wow, that really backfired on you didn't it Hark? That's really very impressive actually.

  5. im thinking that next time i bet, i will choose 5 teams that im sure will win. then i will bet against them.