Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kiprusoff: Il est fatigue?

Kipper has let in 19 goals in his past 4 games. Everybody is allowed to go on slumps at certain points in the season. So this news shouldn't be too alarming for flames fans at this point in the season. But considering Kipper is on pace to register 76 games this season, the calls that kipper is being overworked could be true. The thing is, flames fans have not really noticed because in the last four games the flames have garnered 6 points­. But how much longer can jokinen fill the giant hole being left by kipper.

roberto luongo is also playing some bad hockey. Recently it has been suggested in the vancouver media that maybe luongo is not team canada worthy for 2010. He`ll make some beautiful saves and stand on his head, and then he will let in the weakest goal in the world. Luongo`s biggest detriment is his puck handling ability. everytime he leaves the crease to get the puck he ends up giving it away to the other team and getting scored on. in this sense, he is the anti-turko. but even with luongo`s poor play of late, and the vancouver media tearing him apart, there is one important stat to remember. Luongo has let in as many goals in his last 10 games, as kipper has allowed in his last 4.

Luongo is well rested this season from having the opportunity to pull his groin. If he hadn`t been injured he would have played 76 games for the canucks this season. Maybe injuries (and the adjustment period in coming back from injuries) are not as bad with goalies as they are with players. Look at the tear Marty Brodeur has gone on since his injury. because of their injuries, Luongo and Brodeur could both be in good physical and mental shape to go on a long playoff run.

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  1. Don't worry about Kipper, the flames just have to get back to actually playing defense.