Sunday, March 15, 2009

How the West Will be Won: a West Coasters Prediction

This post is not an ode to the 1970's Zeppelin Album 'How the West Was Won'

And this post is not about explaining how Carey Price's Ancestors had their land stolen by Sidney Crosby's Ancestors.

This post is about how the playoffs will unfold in the west. With the Canucks playing cosistent hockey and continually going on 3 or 4 game winning streaks, and the flames playing inconsistently, the possibility that the canucks will catch the flames in the NW division grows ever the more likely.

Currently Vancouver is 5 points back and has a game in hand on calgary. Canucks and Flames both play their next two at home against easy teams. both play the next two at home against Dallas and St Louis. But then Calgary goes on to play Detroit and Pittsburgh, two teams much harder than the previous two.

After the canucks play their two at home, they go on a long 7 game road trip. The canucks first four games on the road will consits of phoenix, st louis, dallas and colorardo, all teams that canucks are better than.

if vancouver pushes upward in the standings, and calgary continues to falter, this all could be boiling down to a game on Tuesday April 7th between calgary and vancouver. this will be the third last game of the season for the canucks, and it will likely be treated as the most important game of the regular season for both teams. it could be the game which determines whether calgary or vancouver will take the division.


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