Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pitssburgh/Anaheim Trade

Whitney to Anaheim for Kunitz and some young guy i've never heard of. (heres the link to find out his name.)

I really don't see pittsburgh's logic in this move. pittsburgh's biggest weakness so far this season has been on defense. They had Gonchard and Whitney out for most of this season so far. And even once Whitney got back they were still losing a lot of games. I don't think they are necessarilly weak on offence considering they have 2 of the top 3 best point producers in the league. if anything, they should be looking to take on a defenceman rather than trade away their second best defenseman. Whitney had 13 points in 28 games and was a good puck moving defenseman.

Whitney will fit in well in Anaheim who already has neidermyer, pronger, beachamin. Maybe this is a sign that Anaheim is going to trade pronger because why else would they acquire a d-man?

Pittsburgh does gain a lot in Kunitz. He had 60 points two years ago when the ducks had their cup winning season. He can probably put up some good numbers playing with crosby and malkin.

Pens, Ducks trade today,
will they now make the playoffs?
theres no fucking way


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