Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Triple Haiku: A warmup excercise for March 4th

Last night in Bostons 6-1 win over the florida panthers, chuck kobasew got in third period fight with Panthers Heavyweight Keith Ballard. has suggessted that chucky won the fight:
Chuck Kobasew 61.1%
Draw 33.3%
Keith Ballard 5.6%

the following haiku is dedicated to the aura of on-ice greatness that is known as chuck kobasew (TAOOIGTICK).

Boston scores six goals,
but zero points for chucky,
just ain't that lucky.

when chuck drops his gloves,
ballard loses what he loves,
with punches and shoves.

Trading Chucky is,
All I want For Deadline day,
it would make me jizz.


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