Sunday, January 25, 2009

Proof that Gary Bettman Reads this Blog

From a January 28, 2008 Post:

This all star game for the shootout competition the goalies in net were junior B goalies. I suggested this last season as a bad idea.

My plan to make the all star game entertaining:

Weaknesses with this all star game: big name goalies not showing up, no fancy goals,

Bad Solution: Put shitty goalies from the AHL and minor leagues in net to make the all star game higher scoring and flashier.

A solution: get all the goalies really drunk. Let them bring alchohol with them in their water bottles. The goals scored will end up being fantastic. And you could probably get Brodeur and Luongo to show up. I hear Ed Belfour considering coming out of retirement as we speak."

I still maintain that letting the goalies get drunk is a good idea. but some goalies might play better drunk, just like how i drive better drunk. good call gary bettman on taking bad advice from the BOWC. Sometimes bad advice from the BOWC is better than good advice from TSN.


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