Monday, January 26, 2009

Who was the Best Goalie at the All Star Game?

If you look at the number for save percentage, it would seem like Tim Thomas was the best goalie. He was the only goalie to maintain a save percentage over the .8 threshold (which would be considered quite a low target in a regular season game). Price, Luongo and Backstrom were all tied for second place. However these numbers are highly skewed because they do not take into account the fact that Roberto Luongo had to play the third period with a microphone and Jim Hughson kept pestering him with questions even while the puck was in his own zone. Taking this into account and extrapolating the date on a scale of 0-4 with the new x-axis variable being greatness, this is how the date tends:

Injured groin maybe,
but play by play will not sway,
lou's talent away

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