Monday, January 28, 2008

All star Weekend Proposition


Just putting up the username and password because i forgot them myself.

My plan to make the all star game entertaining:

Weaknesses with this all star game: big name goalies not showing up, no fancy goals,

Ovechkin's shootout attempt was nice, but i have done way nicer moves with a hockeystick and a red ball. The problem is, you can't score fancy goals when you're up against good goalies.

Bad idea: Put shitty goalies from the AHL and minor leagues in net to make the all star game higher scoring and flashier.

A solution: get all the goalies really drunk. Let them bring alchohol with them in their water bottles. The goals scored will end up being fantastic. And you could probably get Brodeur and Luongo to show up.  I hear Ed Belfour considering coming out of retirement as we speak.  It would even make the weekend more social and lighthearted.  Imagine the beer company that gets the right to say, "The official beer of Roberto Luongo."

Luongo's new dilemna: stay home with family or go get drunk.

Patrick Roy's Backwards solution: cocaine. It only made him better though. It somehow increased his focus. But that's why he didn't go to the 2002 salt lake olympics, is because he couldn't kick coke for a couple weeks to get it out of his blood stream and pass the drug tests. So instead he stayed home and did coke with his family.

Roy's Idealistic Decision: Stay home and do coke with my family, or go get drunk at the all star game.

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