Monday, January 14, 2008

Canucks acquire Kris Beech

This didn't make headlines over the weekend on any large hockey rumours websites. Instead it just got played up in local news. I didn't even realize he was acquired until a couple games after his first game. apparently he has played 15 games for Columbus this season and has got 5 goals and 4 assists in 15 games with columbus this year. So far with the canucks, 0 points and -1. But canucks are a low offensive production team. It just goes to show how many points the sedin's would have if they could be kept together and shifted to a highly offensive eastern conference team; instead of learning how to play good defensive hockey. Instead of developing Ryan Kesler into a goal scorer, we have made him to be a Mike Peca protege. It's good, because it decreases his NHL salary value, while increasing his importance to our team. We still have Bourdon climbing his way up through the ranks. He is going to be so good for us one day. Crack the NHL roster when he's 22. That's the age all defensive should have their first full nhl season. Unless you're a defensive God like Phaneuf or Eric Johnson.

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