Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Marcus Nilsplotion

After a slow start to his season with the Yaroslavl Locomotiv in the Kontinental Hockey League (that's right, with a "K"!), with only 1 goal in his first 18 games, Macus Nilson has exploded for 2 goals and 3 assists in the last 9 games. In all seriousness though how the hell did this guy ever play in the NHL? Honestly if you wanted an amorphous blob you could through on the ice to take up space out there, Nilson was the guy. Look at this and tell me you can tell which one is Nilson. I dare you.

It's like looking in a mirror right? I guess the jersey gives it away though. Unless I dressed a slug up in a little Florida Panthers jersey, I could have done that. The point is hockey is for members of the human species; slugs have no place in the sport! Actually I'm not really sure what the point is anymore. Maybe it's time I wrapped this up. I guess it's ok for slugs to play hockey, as long as they play in the Kontinental Hockey League. The NHL is for men.


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