Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rule Changes i would make to the game

-no enforcers like derek boogard are allowed to play if they have no real hockey talent.

-add european teams into the league. 5 of them can be within their own division. north american teams would go over to europe once a year on a road trip and play those teams. the european teams would have to play more inter-divisional games than the rest of the league. and you probably wouldn't be able to add russian teams because it would be too much travel for the swedes and czechs (but i suck at geography so maybe not).

-allow players to partake in doping in order to increase the skill level of the game.

-put a sensor in the puck so the refs know when the puck crosses the goal line without having to use video replay technology.

-get rid of the lottery system in the draft to that the last place team in the league knows for sure that they are going to get jonathoan tavares. this will encourage tanking. while ticket sales will go down for the teams that take, beer sales at the arena concession stands will go up.

-league wide regulation that beers in hockey arenas can not be more than 4 dollars.

-decrease the size of goaltending equiptment or increase the size of nets in order to encourage more goals. this would really hurt the canucks though because luongo has the biggest pads in the game.

-let players like sean avery use the media as a tool to exctract revenge on other players that take someones sloppy seconds. (how the fuck did avery get an indefinite suspension and ruutuu only got two games for a finger bite?)

-Keep the interdivisional games high to encourage divisional rivalries, but also allow two games a season against the other conference so we get to see crosby more often.

-dont allow TSN to take over as the major sports broadcaster for canada instead of cbc... but wait, its already too late. fuck you bob mckenzie and pierre mcguire.

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