Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Who's In Your Mouth

There is a game that i have played before with a group of people. I think it may have been Dane Cooke that invented it. How it works is you have a group of people and you split them 2 into teams. Each team sends one representative up to the front of the room, and that person is blindfolded. then the rest of the team takes turns going up to the front and putting their finger in the blindfolded persons mouth. The blindfolded person must guess who's finger is in their mouth. the team with the more correct guesses at the end of the round wins.

Last night, Buffalo beat ottawa 4-2 in the hockey game and also beat ottawa 1-0 in the game of who's in your mouth. Andrew Peters guessed correctly that Jarkoo ruutuu's finger was in his mouth.

In other hockey news, the biggest nhl trade of the season has just taken place:

January May Day
MAkes Stanley Cup contendors
Of the TO Leafs

Thats right. brian burke has made his blockbuster deal that he promised toronto fans before christmas. he traded a conditional 6th round pick to the anaheim mighty ducks (his old team) for superstar brad may. May is credited as having one of the best celebratory cheers from a sports broadcaster in all of professional sports:

I really hate Brad May though. Brad May is the reason that Todd Bertuzzi did what he did to steve moore. Brad May was hired to be the enforcer of the canucks back in 2003, so bertuzzi could focus less on his physical game and more on his finnesse. May should have been the player that stood up to Steve Moore when Mooore took his cheap shot on naslund. unfortunately, Brad May did nothing, and the NHL handed out no suspension, so Bertuzzi had to stand up for the Swedish Captain himself. Hopefully May can add the clutch toughness to Toronto that he was unable to add to Vancouver 04.


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