Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Will Steven Stamkos be the next Alexander Daigle?

Probably not, but he's having a rough year:

12 points in 30 games and is a minus 12. You don't really look at +/- for rookies because hardly any of them are ever a positive, but still, this kid was complimented as being the Poor Man's Crosby. Poor Man's Crosby would at least be averaging a point a game in his rookie season. If anyone is wondering, Daigle had 51 points as a rookie with Ottawa

Barry Melrose also seems to have short term amnesia.
He was quoted as saying (about Stamkos) "He's one of the most beautiful skaters I've ever seen. I hate to use the word beautiful in hockey, but skating ability like that, you're eyes are drawn to him on the ice." - Tampa Bay Lightning Head Coach Barry Melrose, Lightning Strikes

Just a week ago he said that STamkos was not ready for the NHL. Was he paid off to say those things because the Lightening were trying to promote him so much?

In other news

Chucky Kobasew has fallen off his point per game streak with a recent four game pointless streak. Don't worry, he will bounce off tonight. Why is no one mentioning that he is so instrumental to the B's doing well. There's all this talk about Lucic and Phil Kessel, but when did Boston really start to step it up? When Chuck got back, that's when. He's played 18 games this season and I'm pretty sure that was when they started to climb the standings.


  1. are those girls shirts about steven stamkos? or are they for some other thing called stamkos. i wish groups of hot girls wore shirts with my name on them.

  2. That is because you don't pay hot girls to do that for you. I am sure you could pay CFL cheerleaders to cheer for you in the off-season.