Thursday, December 18, 2008

A good night for hockey last night. when the canucks retired lindens jersey, all the canuck players came out on the ice for warmup wearing number 16 Lindern jerseys. Canucks went on to win 4-2. In edmontons last 2 games they have been outscored 13-4.

Gaborik tied the game in the third and then bert won it in overtime. Bertuzzi's breakaway goal reminded me of a majestic thoroughbred show jumping horse gliding through the air over the obstacle. The obstacle was of course a combination of lack of confidence due to a 17 game goaless droubt and nicklas backstrom in net. Bert chose the perfect time to end his scoring streak lifting his team over the wild in OT. Im not sure who sent the pass to Bert but it was an amazing chip. it was if he was using a sand wedge to lay the pass right on to Bert's stick.

Minny ties it late,
bertuzzi goes on the break,
game winner was fate.

Hey Hal, we should try getting tickets to the Flames Senators game on the 27th. you down if we get get some cheapies in the sport chek zone?

Ideas for a sign when Hal and Hark go to a Flames Game:

"There is a God, His Name is Todd"

"Lucky Number 7"

CBC sign: "Calgary + Bert = Championship"

Fucking Sundin!


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